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Written by veterinarian, consultant, teacher, and author Myrna Milani, this site is dedicated to furthering our understanding of animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond. In addition to commentaries, favorite links, and biographical information, you will find the following:
  • Information about available services, including problem dog and cat behavior consultations, behavior/bond consulting for organizations grappling with animal-related issues, and seminars and training for professionals and the general public.
  • Articles that explore normal and problem human-animal relationships, normal and problem canine and feline behavior, and the different ways these may affect animal health.
  • Discussions of and/or excerpts from nonfiction texts which introduce more in-depth explorations of these same subjects, and those from fiction which delve into more controversial areas of human-animal interaction, such as companion animal symbolism, zoophilia, and animal collecting or hoarding, among others.

Latest Podcast

  • Episode 470 - The Evolution of Domestication
    Episode 470 – The Evolution of Domestication
    July 11, 2018 by
    The co-evolution of dogs and humans is a recurrent theme of mine, but where does the evolution of domestication fit in? This podcast resulted from my ruminations on that subject in my favorite think tank: the great outdoors. The more I thought about it, the more outrageous and yet somewhat logical my thoughts seemed to me. I'll let you decide... ...
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This Month’s Commentary

  • A Noble Natural Experiment
    A Noble Natural Experiment
    July 1, 2018 by
    Last month I began a noble experiment on the grounds surrounding the little house on the hill to test the findings of a study done by the USDA and partners funded by the National Science Foundation. Specifically, I wanted to know how mowing affected bee welfare in my yard....
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Habri Central

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