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Written by veterinarian, consultant, teacher, and author Myrna Milani, this site is dedicated to furthering our understanding of animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond. In addition to commentaries, favorite links, and biographical information, you will find the following:

This Month's Commentary:

The Revealing World of Trash Animals

Over the years I’ve read a great deal about the different ways humans emotionally react to animals and the effects of those human emotions on animal well-being. However I cannot recall any article or book that captured the essence of these idiosyncratic, sometimes downright irrational human responses as well as Trash Animals: How we live with nature’s filthy, feral, invasive, and unwanted species edited by Kelsi Nagy and Phillip David Johnson II.

Although a body of scientific data exists for each of the animal species represented in these essays, several qualities give this collection its particular impact.

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