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Written by veterinarian, consultant, teacher, and author Myrna Milani, this site is dedicated to furthering our understanding of animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond. In addition to commentaries, favorite links, and biographical information, you will find the following:

This Month's Commentary:

Working vs. Working, and Working Dogs

Last month’s commentary considered working versus working and working cats. Now it’s time to ponder the multiple forms working dogs also may take. Most people probably can summon an image of what they consider a working dog, but we all know that those images may be quite different. In general, the categories of working dogs parallel those of working cats. First are those dogs from long lines of free-roaming self-supporting canines who co-exist with people in the same physical environment, but share little to no emotional attachment. These dogs also dwell somewhere on the wild-domestic dog continuum with strong ties to neither one.

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