A fun message about a serious topic

I receive a fair number of video links, but living in the a dead zone with a dial-up connection prevents me from opening most of them. Either I can’t open a clip at all, or my connection crashes half-way through the download process. Because what others may consider a short clip can take me several hours to download, this is all very discouraging.

But evidently the universe wanted me to see this one, because it survived its early morning download ordeal intact. The Poop Detective’s CSI spin made me laugh for 2 reasons. One is because I’ve felt the urge to tackle a few lazy dog-owners and rub their noses in it myself. The second is because my son used to live in a complex that initiated a system of DNA testing several years ago. Samples from renters’ dogs were collected and then used to identify the source of any unscooped piles. Failure to clean up was considered a violation of the lease and miscreant owner and dog could find themselves looking for some other place to foul.

On a more serious note and another good reason to become a religious scooper: the increased interstate transport of dogs combined with climate changes are resulting in the presence of various disease-causing microorganisms in areas where they never were before. Some of these can be spread in fecal matter and threaten the health of other animals and humans. While we may think our dogs’ waste is as pure as the driven snow, our failure to clean up after our own animals gives the go-ahead to the no-minds whose dogs are loaded with parasites and God-only-knows what else to do the same thing. Not a good thing to do!