Episode 181 – Barking Up the Wrong Tree

I edited this podcast this podcast the day after the 2012 Super Bowl and noticed yet another negative effect of a simplistic winner-loser system. The Boston team lost so there were people in the area who were very upset this morning, probably for three reasons: they felt like losers, they probably didn’t get much sleep, and they probably ate and drank too much stuff that they probably normally wouldn’t normally eat and drink. According to medical studies, some of them even will succumb to cardiovascular problems or urinary tract infections thanks to the game. But from what I observed that Monday morning, others also will drive too fast. The pick-ups and SUVs are manageable because the road is wide enough to stay out of their way. But those 18-wheelers and logging trucks were another story.

Given such an exaggerated human response to something as remote from real life as a football game, you can imagine the magnitude of the emotions involved when their animals’ behaviors pit neighbors against neighbors…

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  1. Your perception of this problem is outstanding, great read this am 😎