Episode 433 – Black Dog Syndrome and GIGO

For those familiar with your local  shelter scene, Black Dog Syndrome might lie at the heart of a proven marketing strategy. Or it serves as the focus of an annual adoption campaign. Or it means absolutely nothing at all. This week’s podcast describes what happens when a group of researchers attempt to conduct a study that addresses the conflicting results of previous studies. Suffice it to say, they encountered some considerable challenges. But in the process of doing so, they raise some interesting points about the human-canine bond too.

Also, a hint for those shelters who find themselves with viable evidence of Black Dog Syndrome who advertise on-line: look at your pictures. Flash pictures of black dogs that reflect the tapetum lucidum can make even the nicest dog look like the hound from hell. See the link for examples of this.

And here are some very nice pictures of  nice black or mostly black dogs.

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