Episode 441 – Dogs, Cats, Drones

I didn’t mention the name of the company that published the patent for the drone discussed in this podcast for multiple reasons. Among these is that I suspect they’re not the only ones thinking about creating such a product for in-home use. My gut feeling tells me that this technology will appeal to 2 kinds of pet-owners: high-tech lovers attracted to all things wireless, and those who find fulfilling their pets’ needs themselves too bothersome for some reason. Instead of a human-animal bond, these folks and their animals presumably create or will create more of a human-techno-animal one. But whether such a device would succeed in a particular human-animal household  would seem to require the one quality most likely to be absent in at least some of these households: intimate knowledge of the animal him- or herself.

The video clips below demonstrate some feline and canine responses to drones.


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