Episode 461 – When Good Behaviors Go Bad

Does your dog or cat display any regrettable behaviors? I’m not talking about Spot or Fluff displaying excessive interest to their nether regions during your dinner party. Or making such a racket playing with their toys when you’re trying to take a nap. This podcast is about those behaviors we make conscious choices to teach our animals, then regret later when circumstances change.

  1. I agree that each and every player has the right to protest. ON HIS OWN TIME. While he is wearing the uniform he is on the team owners time. The owner has the right to tell you what is or is not acceptable behavior. I have rights also, and since 1982 I have exorcised my rights and not watched a single NFL or NBA game. And that includes playoffs, national championship, super bowl game. When you respect the Flag, Country, Police, and the fan, I may watch you again. BATTER UP!!!!!!

  2. As a result, the volunteers were unknowingly treating each set differently; seeing in them what they thought they should be seeing; handling them in ways that reinforced their expectations. Interestingly, despite all the rats being identical, they each began to display the behavior which the students were primed for—the “slow” rats became slower and the “fast” rats became faster. writers help

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