Episode 481 – Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorations

Photo courtesy of Daniel Bredy

While the podcaster takes some time off, she leaves you with this lovely example of a safe, pet-friendly holiday decoration–even for high-energy cats. Christmas Tree Behind Glass is the creation of a client who went to considerable lengths and displayed considerable talent to celebrate the holiday season. To look at this lovely tree, you might think it adorns the apartment of someone who would never tolerate the presence of a large male cat with the energy level, speed, and agility of a monkey on amphetamines. If so, you would be mistaken. This tree represents the ultimate in human-feline compromise. While its creator, Daniel Bredy, his wife Stephanie, and their guests enjoy the tree, their large–and I mean really big–cat enjoys an ever evolving Disneyland of cat-safe feline enrichment opportunities Daniel built for him…

All of which proves that, if there’s a will to create a human-pleasing and pet-safe holiday habitat and a solid bond with the animal, there’s always a way to celebrate it.


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