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BeeBee: The Day After

I didn’t manage the tear-control I’d hoped for when I participated in BeeBee’s euthanasia yesterday, but I survived. It was pouring rain and the drive to the clinic was miserable with traffic slowed to a crawl where portions of the road were covered with water. Bee didn’t like rain under the best of circumstances and […]

Digging BeeBee’s Grave

I was thinking about my dad when I was digging BeeBee’s grave. He was a great nature lover, but he was the last person you’d want around if you found a chipmunk mangled by a cat or a bird with a broken wing. He’d get so overwhelmed by emotion that the animal would pass from […]

BeeBee and the Lightening Bugs

Bee’s been having a rough time lately as she comes into full maturity, thinks she should be in charge, but can’t pull it off because of her physical problems. By all rights, she should have replaced Frica as leader of the dog pack, but she lacks the ability to give the proper signals, then gets […]

The BeeBee Dilemma

So much as been going on that I haven’t had much time to write about BeeBee, although a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her because she’s definitely made the shift to adulthood. With that chronological change has come the desire to take over, with her #1 priority being to claim me […]

Running With BeeBee

So much has been going on that’s I haven’t had much time to write about BeeBee even though there’s a lot going on with her. Today was such a glorious sunny day I decided to take her and Ollie out to see if I could get some pictures that would help me better understand her […]

Updates on Whit and BeeBee

I’m relieved to say that Whit continues to eat his generic canned cat manna, although the last two times I’ve gone to the grocery store, they were either out of it completely or–today–down to their last can. This is a rural, blue-collar area and it wouldn’t surprise me if the downturn in the economy had […]

R is for Reprieve

By the time I went downstairs after I’d written and posted my last message, Whit had eaten all the food in his dish. But then the next morning when I went down to the basement to clean his litterbox, I discovered that he’d vomited what looked like all he’d eaten. Because the food he’d vomited […]

R&R: Respite and Regrouping

This has been a week of ups and downs. Until noon today, I could have reported that Whit was doing well, showing sufficient enthusiasm for life that I felt encouraged. But then today he showed no interest in his lunch. It’s a miserable hot and humid day here and, had he skipped a meal when […]

The Zen of BeeBee

One of the wonderful things about working with companion animals is that I get an intimate view of how behaviors change as the animals mature. The puppy and kitten toddlers we get at 8-12 weeks give way to adolescents, young then mature adults, and then senior citizens, with each life stage adding its own unique […]

When Animals Mess with Our Minds

Do you ever get the feeling that your dog or cat is trying to drive you crazy? I’m not referring to the way you feel when your dog rolls in maggot-infested dead animal guts 5 minutes before your boss arrives, or when the cat pees on your $75 French bra just because it’s new. I’m […]

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