As you might expect by now, all of my books take a comprehensive view of animal behavior, animal health, and the human-animal bond. Because of that, they’re not books for those looking for quick-fixes or magic cures. In my experience, what those seeking quality relationships with their pets share in common is a willingness to learn, even if they must work hard to do so. These are the people for whom I write.

Also, the very nature of writing means a book serves as a verbal snapshot of the author’s stage of development at that particular time. Because our knowledge of domestic animal behavior and the human-animal daily expands, some of what I wrote ten or twenty years ago, I wouldn’t write today because I know more now than I did then. Still, those who have read all of my books have grown and matured along with me, as have their relationships with their animals over the years. Just as I wouldn’t mind looking 25 years younger if I could keep the knowledge and experience gained during those years, I wouldn’t want to keep supporting the same old concepts in my writing when research and personal experience indicate these need up-dating.